#BTSM Tweet Chat: What does “quality of life” mean to you?

#BTSM Tweet Chat: What does “quality of life” mean to you?

Twitter hashtag: #BTSM
8th April 2018

6-7 pm PST / 9-10pm EST

Join us for a Twitter discussion about quality of life factors for people dealing with benign and malignant brain tumors. We want to hear from all perspectives: patients, care partners, clinicians, researchers, and policy makers. If you are part of the brain tumor community, we hope you join us.

The hashtag we will use for this chat is #BTSM, which stands for Brain Tumor Social Media. Click here to find the Twitter feed for #BTSM.

The four main chat topics include:

  • T1: When you hear the phrase “quality of life,” what does that mean to you as a brain tumor patient, care partner, or healthcare professional? #BTSM
  • T2: Has your healthcare team talked with you about quality of life? What did that look like, and what did that mean to you and your loved ones? #BTSM
  • T3:  How do your personal values (spiritual, religious, scientific, etc.) factor into decisions about your health care? #BTSM
  • T4: Given where you are now (e.g., in treatment, post-treatment), what does a “good healthcare outcome” look like to you? #BTSM

If you’ve never participated in a tweet chat before, check out this great tutorial by our friends in the breast cancer community.

If you are not a Twitter user, look for opportunities to comment on one of our blog posts about quality of life.